Monday, January 24, 2011

OWASP Summit JS Challenge

Hi OWASPers, WebAppSecers and Secure Coders!
The official OWASP Summit Challenge is out – a JavaScript fighting arena where your script should show its name more prominently than its competitors. 
Check it out: 
By this we start the countdown to one of the most important meetings in application security history. February 8-11 we invite you all to join round-table discussions with industry and research leaders on how to solve XSS and enhance browser security, which appsec metrics work, security of HTML5 and EcmaScript 5 and more. We truly believe that crucial things can happen in a social, productivity-oriented environment. That's why OWASP is going all-in on the Summit.  
Google will be there. Mozilla will be there. Microsoft will be there. Facebook will be there. PayPal will be there. Apache will be there. The world's top appsec companies will be there. The authors of (my) favorite appsec books will be there. Best thing of all? 
You are most welcome to join!     
Get going with the Challenge –    
Best regards, John Wilander 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got Hosting?

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is seeking competitive quotations for a dedicated web hosting environment hereafter described. Contractors qualified to fulfill these requirements are invited to submit quotations  
If you are willing to take on the hosting, administration in whole or in part we want to hear from you.
In addition to current project of website redesign, our timeline is to announce the award of the project is OWASP Summit 2011:
Great opportunity to help the community and and support the mission of our professional association!  

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Please support the OWASP Global Summit

The OWASP Global Summit Feb 8th - 11th, is where industry and application security practitioners from around the world will assemble, collaborate and set the agenda for the forthcoming advancements of the OWASP mission.

What option will you choose to show the world your support?

* Sponsored Villa 10
* Meeting Room Sponsorship(s) 6k
* Projector Sponsorship(s) 2k
* Lunch Sponsorship(s) 2k
* Happy Hour/ Social Session Sponsorship(s) 2k
* Dinner Sponsorship(s) 4k

* You will be in attendance

Full Details:

For more information about the Summit see: FAQ or contact Tom Brennan directly at 973-202-0122 to discuss how you would like to be involved.

More information about the Summit:

Monday, January 10, 2011

OWASP Global Summit Sponsorship

The OWASP Global Summit is the place where application security experts from around the world will meet to discuss progress, plans, projects and new solutions for the future of the application security.

What option will you choose to show your support at the Global Summit?

Full details:

* Sponsored Villa 10k
* Meeting Room Sponsorship 6k
* Projector Sponsorship 2k
* Lunch Sponsorship 2k
* Happy Hour/ Social Session Sponsorship 2k
* Dinner Sponsorship 4k

ACT NOW Space is limited - Contact Tom Brennan 973-202-0122 for more information about opportunities or click here: for other FAQ

Thursday, January 6, 2011

OWASP Chapter Leaders - Chapter Status Update Needed!

Chapter Leaders,

The January 15 deadline is approaching for chapter leaders to provide the chapter status information requested here:

This important update is required as part of the OWASP planning process and also indicates that the local chapter is alive and well.  You have probably noticed this request on several mailing lists.

Below is a link showing active OWASP chapters that have responded so far.

** Important: Chapters that fail to respond before the deadline will be marked as inactive and any funds in the chapter bucket see: will be transferred to the OWASP Summit Fund to help offset costs for travel for those that want to attend the 2011 Summit of OWASP 4.0

** Note: To view the shared OSTF document, you must use your @OWASP.ORG email address