Monday, January 25, 2010

OWASP Numbering Scheme

An exciting development!

A new numbering scheme that will be common across OWASP Guides and References has been developed. The numbering is based on the OWASP ASVS section and detailed requirement numbering. The effort to develop the numbering was a team effort, led by Mike Boberski (ASVS project lead and co-author).

OWASP Top Ten, Guide, and Reference project leads and contributors as well as the OWASP leadership worked together to develop numbering that would allow for easy mapping between OWASP Guides and References, and that would allow for a period of transition as Guides and References are updated to reflect the new numbering.

For more information about the new numbering, please see A new OWASP project is in the process of being created to manage the new numbering scheme, for example as numbers are retired. The new project will be led by Brad Causey.

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