Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OWASP JBroFuzz 2.0 Fuzzer Released!

Well it wasn't timed with Bernando (nor Tom) but after a lot of commits and code re-writes, we are pleased to announce the second major release of JBroFuzz:


From the 2.0 release notes:
  • User basic authentication supported and updated headers to show 2.0 release
  • Fixed preferences bug.
  • Added Authorization header option in UI, under URL Encoding
  • Created a Verifier for .jbrf files
  • Fixed a small mistake in EncoderHashFrame.java
  • Implemented a Cross Product Fuzzer within core/CrossProductFuzzer.java
  • Introduced PowerFuzzer.java, DoubleFuzzer.java and fixed the directory location preferences.
  • Fixed Graphing Tab, right click menu
  • Arrayedified preferences, fixed maximum frame size, extracted all icons in a /icons folder.
  • EncoderHashFrame.java binded keys changed to alt+enter to encode and alt+backspace to decode
  • Split org.owasp.jbrofuzz.encode to core and UI
  • Added more documentation within the help topics about fuzzing
  • Added print functionality to keyboard shortcuts
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed the category of SQL Injection
  • Updated INSTALL, README files, converted jbrofuzz.sh to unix format

Hope you find it of use.

Many thanks to all those involved (more than the names suggest) in the development of this version,



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