Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OWASP Annual Report


The OWASP Annual Report 2009 is online!

You’ll find details on our strategy, our finances, and the activities of all of our global committees. We’ve made some decent progress in 2009, but nothing compared to what the world needs right now.

OWASP is a remarkable organization that I’m proud to serve. Thank you all for your contributions, participation, and energy! Please help us by blogging, tweeting, facebooking, speaking at conferences, writing papers, and whatever else you can do to reach developers wherever they are.

We need a whole lot of innovative thinking to make a real change in the software market. But the era of blindly trusting software has got to end! What can you do in 2010 to make things better? Got an idea that’s too big for you to achieve alone? Share it with OWASP and together maybe we can change the world.


Jeff Williams, Chair
The OWASP Foundation

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