Sunday, June 20, 2010

Malaysia Open Source Conference

OWASP Malaysia : Contribution In MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference MOSC2010


OWASP Malaysia is actively contribute to MOSC2010 by arangging speakers for the conference and OWASP Malaysia Chapter Leader - Mohd Fazli Azran is one of the committe member for MOSC2010.

Speakers from OWASP

OWASP Joomla CMS Vulnerability Scanner - Aung Khan, YGN Ethical Hacker
Group, Myanmar.

OWASP and What It Can Do For You - Cecil Su, OWASP Global, Singapore.

MOSC2010 include security topics like

Joomla! 1.6 Security

Easy DNSSEC Deployment with OPENDNSSEC

Internet Malicious Miscreant

For OWASP Malaysia, this will create awareness about security and OWASP.

For more information about MOSC2010

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