Monday, January 24, 2011

OWASP Summit JS Challenge

Hi OWASPers, WebAppSecers and Secure Coders!
The official OWASP Summit Challenge is out – a JavaScript fighting arena where your script should show its name more prominently than its competitors. 
Check it out: 
By this we start the countdown to one of the most important meetings in application security history. February 8-11 we invite you all to join round-table discussions with industry and research leaders on how to solve XSS and enhance browser security, which appsec metrics work, security of HTML5 and EcmaScript 5 and more. We truly believe that crucial things can happen in a social, productivity-oriented environment. That's why OWASP is going all-in on the Summit.  
Google will be there. Mozilla will be there. Microsoft will be there. Facebook will be there. PayPal will be there. Apache will be there. The world's top appsec companies will be there. The authors of (my) favorite appsec books will be there. Best thing of all? 
You are most welcome to join!     
Get going with the Challenge –    
Best regards, John Wilander 

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