Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Application Security Track at Uber Conf 2011 - July 12-15

OWASP is currently soliciting papers for the Application Security Track at Uber Conf, Denver, CO.

OWASP is partnering with Uber Conf to have an Application Security track at this prestigious conference. Brought to you by the No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium Series, Über Conf will explore the ever evolving ecosystem of Java the Platform.

The Ü will offer over 120 technically focused sessions including hands on workshops centered around Architecture, Cloud, Security, Enterprise Java, Languages on the JVM, Build/Test, Mobility and Agility. The goal of Über Conf is a simple one: totally blow the minds of our attendees.

We are seeking people and organizations that want to present about how security relates to the following Java topics (in no particular order):

* Architecture
* Enterprise Java
* Java Internals
* Security - Enterprise & JVM
* Cloud Computing
* Languages on the JVM - Groovy, JRuby, Scala & Clojure
* Java Web Frameworks - Wicket, Tapestry & SpringMVC
* Build Systems - Maven & Gradle
* Testing
* Agility
* Tools

How to make a submission:
* Fill the form available at
* Submit the filled form at

Submission deadline is Feb 28th at 12PM EST (GMT-5)

Submit Proposals to:

Conference Website:

OWASP Website:

Please forward to all interested practitioners and colleagues.

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