Thursday, July 7, 2011

US and Canadian Chapter Leader Workshop


Dear Fellow Chapter Leaders,

Global Chapter Committee invites you to US and Canadian Chapter Leader Workshop at AppSec USA 2011, in Minneapolis. The workshop will be on September 21, from noon to 3:00PM. Its format will be based on the successful chapter workshop at AppSec EU in Dublin, earlier this year.

While we are still working on the agenda, it will closely resemble the agenda at AppSec EU. It will include review of the chapter handbook, managing chapter finances, Top 10 advice, and how to cross-pollinate and cooperate among chapters. EU event's agenda can be seen below.

We strongly encourage you to participate in this opportunity. Chapter leaders are encouraged to use chapter funds for the travel. Chapter leaders will get a free admission to the conference. The committee has limited funds available for chapter leaders with limited chapter funds.

We would like to ask the following.

* Save the date, September 21, 2011, from noon to 3:00PM, for the workshop.
* Register for AppSec USA event. Ask Lorna Alamri for registration code.
* Start making travel arrangements -- hotel rooms are running out -- if your chapter has funds available.
* If needed, ask for funding by emailing me and Sarah Baso, administrator for the chapter committee.
* Start thinking what topics to discuss.
* Stay tuned to further emails and upcoming Wiki page.

A word about funding. While we wish we could fund every chapter leader, due to the limited amount of budget allocated for this event, we may not be able to fund 100% to all the requests. We will have a deadline for applying funding, and after that deadline, we will make funding decision in a fair and transparent manner. When you apply for funding, please highlight your past contributions to OWASP and your future plans for the local chapter and OWASP.

We will try to have an option to participate, via Skype, for those who cannot make it.

If any questions, please email us.

Best regards,


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