Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Membership deadline for this year's election

From Helen Gao, OWASP Global Membership Committee Chair
Dear OWASP leaders,

I was asked this question many times, "why should someone become an OWASP member?" The answer to the question will be loud and clear in October. Members, and only members can vote in the election which will take place from October 12 to 19, 2012.

OWASP board makes large and small decisions from what the membership fee should be, which projects to fund, whether volunteers should be paid, and if there will an OWASP summit this year. Half of the 6 seats will be determined by less than 2,000 members in the whole world.

If you receive this message then you are one of the OWASP leaders who care about the direction OWASP is going. What better way to let your voice be heard by exercising your vote in the election? If you are not current member yet then what better time to become one or renew ?

248 individuals joined OWASP in July, and 55 renewed their membership. Don't be left behind. Act today!

Click here for details of the election including candidates and timeline.


Helen Gao, CISSP
Global Membership Committee Chair
Senior Architect of TIBCO Software Inc.


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