Monday, August 13, 2012

OWASP Xelenium: Security Unit Tests

(from V.Vasanth)

Hello OWASP Friends,

Warm Greetings!!

Today, I would like to introduce you all to my humble effort called ‘OWASP Xelenium’, which helps the user in identifying the security testing threats present in the web applications.

Xelenium is an automated security testing tool that uses Selenium, leading open source test automation tool, as its engine. Xelenium accepts very limited inputs from user and tests the application using the predefined automation procedure.

Current version of Xelenium identifies the Cross Site Scripting threats present in the web application. In subsequent versions, Xelenium will be enhanced to identify other leading security threats.

First version of Xelenium was published on June 22nd, 2012, and second version was published on 6th August, 2012. Till now, around 4000 downloads were happened.

You can find more info here:

In the next version, I am planning to enhance the UI of Xelenium from Java Swing to Java FX. Also, I am looking at the possibility of introducing the enhancements to handle DOM Based XSS.

I would encourage you to use this solution and pass on your comments about it.
Hope this solution helps you in some way. Looking forward for your comments!!!

Thank you!!

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