Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AppSec USA 2012 Interview Series: Jeremiah Grossman & "Swarthy Fizz"

Jenny Hoff has posted two new interviews from AppSec USA 2012 in Austin, Texas. 

The third video in the AppSec USA interview series sees Jeremiah Grossman discuss the evolution of internet security, the most common vulnerabilities web applications have, and how users can protect themselves. This is followed by an interview with "Swarthy Fizz" who gives an in-depth look inside web counterintelligence. Making friends with hackers, infiltrating malicious networks, and recovering stolen classified information, "Swarthy Fizz" explains how its done and what it means for online security. 

The purpose of the interview series is an outreach program - to capture the voices of OWASP and continue to make AppSec more visible! These two interviews are the third and fourth in the series filmed and developed by Jenny Hoff. Stay tuned for the rest of the AppSec USA 2012 Interviews.


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