Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OWASP HR Information

OWASP Community Members,

I wanted to take a minute and share the OWASP hiring process for the IT Support Position.  Although we need to work on our timing a bit, I'm comfortable that the process is fair and impartial.

In early November, two positions were posted on the OWASP jobs board and included in the OWASP Connector, and applications were submitted via the contact us form.  The IT candidates information was forwarded to the Board for review.  

Actual interviews were not conducted until late January and early February.  During the delay, several additional candidates submitted their resumes for consideration.

I interviewed the candidates for their non-technical skills:  management, interpersonal and communication skills, areas of interest, and general knowledge and passion for OWASP.  Jim Manico interviewed the candidates for their technical ability and reported that to Sarah Baso and me.

The candidates were evaluated on all factors and a decision was promptly made.  Those candidates who interviewed were notified of the decision prior to the announcement.

Kate Hartmann
OWASP Foundation

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