Friday, April 12, 2013

OWASP's New Executive Director

The OWASP Board is proud to announce OWASP’s new Executive Director, Sarah Baso.

The OWASP board had many different directions to consider for which type of candidate would be best suited for the new executive director role. Ultimately we felt that an individual with a passion for OWASP, demonstrated excellence, strong leadership and a desire for the mission and community was the best choice. To take OWASP to the next level we need an individual that can execute, seek out new opportunities for OWASP to grow and strategically leverage our resources. The fit for this role was one someone we already knew and trusted

Sarah has been part of the OWASP operations team for the past two and a half years. She has played a pivotal role in coordinating global AppSec conferences, worked within the Global Industry, Chapter, and Conference Committees, and also was part of the 2011 Global Summit planning team. Sarah's educational background includes a Juris Doctor degree in law and she leverages this knowledge in many ways working for OWASP including contract negotiation and risk assessment.  

Prior to joining OWASP, Sarah worked as a practicing attorney, focusing on electronic discovery in large class action lawsuits. She also has worked as a volunteer English and computer skills teacher for English language learners assimilating into the United States.

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