Friday, June 21, 2013

OWASP Global AppSec Conference Annoucements


There have been a lot of announcements and updates flying around from our Global AppSec Events, which serve as both outreach opportunities as well as fundraisers for the OWASP Foundation, bringing in 40% of our annual revenue.  Here is a summary of the latest news from each event!

AppSec Research 2013 - August 21-24, Hamburg Germany

AppSec Latam 2013 - October 1-4, Lima Peru

  • Call for Training and Call for Papers are now open (deadline August 2, 2013) - visit to submit your training or talk!

AppSec USA 2013 - November 18-21, New York City, NY

CONGRATS to the following chapters that will be hosting our 2014 events:

AppSec APAC 2014 - March 17-20 in Tokyo Japan hosted by the OWASP Japan Chapter

AppSec Research 2014- Late June 2014 - at Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge) hosted by the Cambridge, UK Chapter with support from the other UK chapters.

and last but not least...AppSec USA 2014, September 2014, Denver, CO - hosted by the OWASP Denver and OWASP Boulder Chapters who have put on FROC (Front Range OWASP Conference) for the past 5 years.

Thanks to all the volunteers, trainers, speakers, sponsors, attendees, and owasp community members that continue to make these events a great success for OWASP.

Do you want to get involved in one of the events listed above or have a questions about hosting an OWASP event of your own?  Contact us:

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