Sunday, July 28, 2013

Process: Hiring an Event Manager for the OWASP Foundation

OWASP Community Members –

Before I share with you the outcome of our candidate search for a new Event Manager (yes, we have hired someone), I wanted to share some information about the hiring process and candidate pool.

The Event Manager job description was drafted by me and reviewed by the OWASP staff before posting.  The job description was posted to the wiki along with background requirements, desired skills, and starting salary. The job was promoted through OWASP channels: OWASP Blog, OWASP Leader’s List, OWASP Foundation Linkedin Group, @OWASP Twitter Account, OWASP Group on Facebook, and OWASP Community Page on Google+. Externally, the job was also posted to Indeed, Smart Recruiters, Philanthropy News Digest, Learn4Good, and Zip Recruiters.

The Event Manager job was posted on June 6, 2013 and applications were accepted via email through June 21, 2013 (15 days).  We received 90 applications and here is a breakdown of the sources of the applications as well as by geographic region where the applicants resided:

From the 90 applications received, we offered first interviews to 30 candidates (1/3) and second interviews to 5 candidates.  The interviews were offered to the most qualified candidates based on required background and desired skills posted in the job description. 

Final Selection
Our final candidate went through 3 interviews, including one in her native language (Spanish) and an in- person interview with me since she is located in the Bay Area.  We were thrilled with both the number and quality of applications we received for this position.  Additionally, we are confident that the individual we selected for the position will be a great fit for the position as well as encourage the growth of OWASP events globally.

Without further ado... see the next post for an introduction of out new Event Manager!

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