Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OWASP Global Connector Election Edition



The 2014 Global Foundation Board of Directors will be:

Michael Coates (reelected)
Tobias Gondrom (newly elected)
Josh Sokol (newly elected)
Fabio Cerullo (newly elected)
Tom Brennan
Jim Manico
Eoin Keary

This year's election boasts the largest number of candidates and the largest % voter turnout of any election.

Thank you to all the candidates and to all the members who took the time to review the information and cast their vote.

Details on the elected board members, the transition plan, documentation on the process, as well as statistics on voting as available, can be found at: 


Special Referendum

This year, there was an included community refforandum to assist the foundation in defining our approach to handling corporate sponsorhip.

The three options posted were:

1 - Project Leaders Decide All

2 - Standardized across projects & allowing project sponsorship/logos

3 - Standardized across projects and NOT allowing project sponsorship/logos

The community has chosen #2 as their preferred choice.

The Foundation Board will work with the Operations team and the Project Leaders to create and document guidelines in this direction.

Details on all three options can be found on the Governance/Project Sponsorship page


The 2013 WASPY (Web Application Security People of the Year)

We were very excited about the number of nominations in each of the categories for this year's awards.  Although there can only be one winner in each category, we would like to again congratulate all those who were nominated.

All of the nomination information, as well as more information on the Awards can be found on the 2013 WASPY page.

Winner - Best Chapter Leader - LA Chapter - Tin Zaw, Richard Greenberg, Kelly FitzGerald, Stuart Schwartz, Edward Bonver


Jack Mannino - NOVA
John Wilander - Sweden
Paul Scott - Houston
Jonathan Marcil - Montreal
Abbas Naderi - Iran
Trenton Ivey - Milwaukee
David Hughes - Austin
Dhruv Soi - India

Winner - Best Project Leader - Simon Bennetts - ZAP


Abbas Naderi - PHP Security
Andrew van der Stock - Developer Guide
Epsylon "psy" - XSSer

Winner - Best Community Supporter - Fabio Cerullo


Jason Montgomery
John Wilander

Winner - Best Mission Outreach - Martin Knobloch


Fabio Cerullo
John Wilander

Winner - Best Innovator - Abbas Naderi


Tanoh Aka Marcellin

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