Friday, October 18, 2013

OWASP 2013 Project Summit Announcement

On November 18th - 21st, OWASP will be hosting the 2013 Project Summit in tandem with this year's AppSec USA in New York City.  The Project Summit is a smaller version of the larger OWASP Summits and it allows project leaders the opportunity to not only showcase their project progress, but to also have attendees of the summit sit down and contribute to project tasks. The venue for this year's Project Summit is the Sky Lounge of the Marriott Marquis located in Times Square. We currently have 15 sessions scheduled. The list includes:
   Monday: Nov 18th

  1. OWASP Projects Review Session
  2. ESAPI Hackathon Session
  3. Bug Bounty Hack Session
Tuesday: Nov. 19th
  1. OWASP Training Development Session
  2. OWASP Academies Development Session
  3. Mobile Security Session
  4. ESAPI Hackathon Session
  5. Bug Bounty Hack Session
Wednesday: Nov. 20th
  1. Writing and Documentation Review Session
  2. ESAPI Hackathon Session
  3. Bug Bounty Hack Session
Thursday: Nov. 21st
  1. ZAP Hackathon Session
  2. Open SAMM Session
  3. ESAPI Hackathon Session
  4. Bug Bounty Hack Session

The Project Summit is the perfect opportunity for project advancement and for attendee interaction. The various sessions allow attendees to develop standards and guidelines for projects, and in general, give feedback for improving projects. For example, in the Projects Review Session, attendees will be participating in the reviews of the participating projects. 

All are welcome to attend the Projects Summit and to contribute at the various sessions. Attendees are encouraged to attend sessions in which they can contribute. 

For more information on the 2013 Project Summit, please contact Samantha Groves (, or visit the Project Summit wiki page.

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