Monday, November 25, 2013

AppSecUSA 2013 Wrap Up

I wanted to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who helped out with the OWASP Foundation AppSecUSA 2013 event.

In total we raised over $250,000.00 for OWASP Foundation and below I have included just a few media hits that mention the event inline with our mission of raising awareness.  If you have additional items that I missed, please add them in the comments.

A FAQ has been the videos - we have them coming online here:

Semper Fi,

Tom Brennan

AppSec USA Hits:

Study: Most Application Developers Don't Know Security, But Can Learn
Dark Reading

Hack-a-thon Finds 220 Bugs in Facebook, Google, Etsy

How Facebook reveals your friends list even when it’s set to private

Going Back to the Future in the Name of Good Security

Moving from Do Not Track to Can Not Track

"Let's Do Security That Matters"

Information Security: We Still Have a Long Way to Go

Where Developers are Dropping the Ball – OWASP AppSecUSA
Information Security Buzz

If you are running your business on a mobile device you may be putting your customers at risk

iOS Point-of-Sale Devices Pose Security Risk
eSecurity Planet

Wait, wait… don’t pwn me! – Game show on security news
Trusted Software Alliance

OWASP Foundation: New York Times CTO; Senior Executives from HP, Oracle, Bloomberg LP Among Confirmed Speakers For AppSec USA
Dark Reading

Security: I think we can win

The perilous future of browser sercurity

Training developers at appsecusa

Build but don't break

HTML 5: Risky Business of Security Tool Chest?

What could go wrong – thinking differently about security at app sec usa

Java and Oracle on security at app sec usa

DevOps and Portfolios

Accidental Abyss: Data Leakage

Introduction to the newest addition to OWASP Top 10

Everything we know about Web security is wrong

Not All CSRF Defenses are created Equal

AppSensor at AppSec USA in New York
Web Security, Usability and Design

AppSec USA 2013

Bombshell Tech
AppSec USA 2013

AppSec USA, November 18-21, NYC
Software Developers' Journal

OWASP Foundation Presents: AppSecUSA 2013
Gary's Guide

OWASP AppSec USA 2013
Government Security News

OWASP AppSec USA 2013
Homeland Security Today
At @appsecusa hearing @joshcorman & @c7five discuss hacking cars, pacemakers & insulin pumps. Scary, sobering stuff.
Had an eye-opening experience at @appsecusa.
AppSecUSA Photos and comments from the show floor

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