Thursday, November 7, 2013

AppSecUSA Update

AppSecUSA is 10 Days away are you READY?

What to expect? Listen to the interview
With a SOLD OUT expo, (5) hard-core, (2) day training classes and over (150) speakers, panel and summit members this will be the LARGEST OWASP APPSEC EVENT.
The local chapter team and staff has been working for many many months to bring together the most amazing content focused on SOFTWARE SECURITY. 
Direct link to mobile schedule:
BASIC BADGE -  $50 use code "NYCOWASP!" to "bypass" that <grin> everyone must register
FULL BADGE - to attend ALL briefings sessions and receptions you will need a full badge. We can offer a (5) pack for only $2,475 a 50% discount at only $495 each. So nows the time to make a friend, grab your office peers and contact us or pick up individual badges at the now current and full price see website:
a) Want to LIVE HACK the largest commercial companies in the world and NOT GET ARRESTED join us for the bug bounty LIVE HACKING on the 18th, 19th on the overlooking NYC Skyline and 20th in the main salon
b) Special Thank you to our sponsors, without them this event would have never been possible in TIME SQUARE, NYC.  Come have a BLOODY or BEER and than them all for supporting this community of builders, breakers and defenders
c)  Are you a tweeter?  Follow the LIVE updates @appsecusa and add hashtag #appsecusa and also come by say hello to TWITTER during the career-fair they are hiring you know...
d) Do YOU want to lead the NYC Chapter or New Jersey chapter in 2014?  Attend this session and join the local team

Semper Fi,
Tom Brennan


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