Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Project Summit: Academies and Training Invitation to the Community

Education and training is an important part of OWASP's mission as it helps not only in increasing the awareness around application security but also in actually improving the security of applications.

The OWASP Academies program aims to bring together academic institutions from all over the world in order to collaborate towards increasing awareness on application security. The OWASP Academy Portal is the actual deliverable of this process: a portal that will provide various types of content (presentations, labs, etc.) to students and faculty who wish to learn or teach application security.

We would like to invite you to join us in the OWASP 2013 Projects Summit which is organized during OWASP AppSec USA 2013, in New York City from November 18th to November 21st.

During the Projects Summit we intend to kick start the Academy Portal, complete the initial design and add some actual content. The OWASP Academy Portal will then serve as the meeting point for application security in academia. Moreover, we will discuss various training models and the experience we have gained over the past years in order to build a model that will be subsequently used to train developers and anyone involved in securing applications.

The OWASP 2013 Projects Summit will serve as a meeting point for several members of the educational and academic community and a unique opportunity to network, collaborate, exchange ideas and experience.

The OWASP Project Summit is a smaller version of the much larger OWASP Summits. This year’s summit aims to give our project leaders the opportunity to have attendees sit down and work on project related activities during AppSec USA. It is an excellent opportunity to engage with active OWASP Project Leaders, and it gives project leaders the chance to move forward on their project milestones while meeting new potential volunteers that can assist with future milestones.

To participate in the Projects Summit Register for FREE for the “Expo and Career Fair Only Pass” and use the following discount code at checkout: NYC13_SUMMIT.

Looking forward to working with you during the OWASP 2013 Projects Summit,

Dr. Kostas Papapanagiotou
Martin Knobloch

Samantha Groves

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