Tuesday, November 5, 2013

OWASP Project Review Criteria and 2013 Project Assessments

I am happy to report that the Technical Project Advisors team has completed the final version of the our project assessment criteria. This criteria grades our project quality based on the overall project health and the overall quality of the product each project is producing. The aim of developing this criteria was to help guide OWASP Project Leaders toward the successful completion and development of their overall project deliverable. Moreover, this criteria will be used to establish the appropriate stage the reviewed project is in, basing the decision on overall project health and product quality. I encourage all Project Leaders to please take a bit of time and review the 2013 Project Assessment Criteria

As many of you know, attendees will be able to participate in the review of the entire inventory of OWASP Projects using the new assessment criteria developed by our team of Technical Project Advisors, during the OWASP Projects Review working session at AppSec USA. The aim of this session is to establish a more accurate representation of OWASP project health and product quality.

Leaders are encouraged to review the 2013 Project Assessment Criteria, and make certain that their project fulfills all of the guidelines outlined in the criteria. Please note, that it is not mandatory to work towards fulfilling all of the criteria for this round of reviews. However, passing the assessment is a requirement if you wish to graduate from an Incubator to a Lab and Lab to a Flagship Project. We do encourage all current Lab and Flagship project leaders to ensure that they are in alignment with the new 2013 project assessment criteria. 

New OWASP Project Wiki Templates

The new project wiki templates were created to make adding content to a project wiki page, a much easier task for Leaders. A big thank you to Colin Watson for creating these for us. 

We are encouraging all Leaders to switch over to these templates starting in 2014. Please note that Leaders are not required to use these templates, but the use of this wiki template is a requirement for graduation for Incubator projects starting in 2014. Below you will see an example of what we would like to see from an OWASP Project in regard to their wiki content and links. 
If you have any questions about any of the topics above, or if you want to be involved, please reach out to me at Samantha.Groves@owasp.org. See you all at the Project Summit in New York City!

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