Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Operational Goals for OWASP Projects

Hello Leaders,

This is just a reminder about the e-mail I sent over last week regarding the operational goals I have for OWASP Projects in 2014. Thank you to those of you who have already responded. Your comments have been noted, and added to the goals below. 

Just to refresh the memory... These particular goals have been put together based on Leader requests, and the need to continue work on other operational tasks from the previous year. They will be the goals and milestones I will focus on completing for the remainder of the year. 

I am posting these here to give all of our OWASP Project Leaders an opportunity to review and comment. I would like to know if you think these are the right items we should be focusing on at the foundation level. Is this what you want to see from OWASP Projects in 2014? If so, great! If not, what would you like me to focus on? Now is your chance to let me know. It is up to you, and what your needs are. Please either post a comment here, or e-mail me directly at I would like to get our goals finalized by next week Wednesday.

Primary Goal: Continue to evolve the OWASP Projects Infrastructure by developing operational systems that facilitate Leader participation and innovation.

Subgoal 1: Continue to work on the operational projects platform with the aim of developing it to be more self sufficient for Leaders.  

- Recruit a Projects Support Intern.
- Bring all of the project repositories into Ohloh.
- Continue to develop the Project Portal for Leaders.
- Monitor and update the Project Page with relevant information on a weekly basis. 
- Continue to produce weekly and quarterly information reports.
- Organize a monthly webinar about an OWASP Project.
- Continue to produce stories, announcements, and content for our monthly Connector.
- Produce more substantial software security/projects articles for our quarterly Journal.
- Migrate all of the Project wiki pages to the new template
- Facilitate project page compliance with new Sponsorship Guidelines.
- Facilitate project product compliance with new Sponsorship Guidelines
- Develop marketing and communications pieces that promote: Benefits of Having an OWASP Project; How to start a project; Project Lifecycle; and Review Process.
- Have one Project Leader meeting a month. 
- Facilitate OWASP contributions to the Apple Developer Program.  
- Identify & promote cross-project collaboration to move clusters of projects forward, with e.g. work groups that work on a certain domain.
- Start a task force of people with spare cycles that can help projects that need extra man-power of are falling behind in delivery of new releases (especially the flag ship projects).
- Ask project leaders to create & give project related training or contribute to the OWASP trainings.

Subgoal 2: Bring more Project Leaders together in 2014.

- Work towards getting at least 2 projects represented at every Global AppSec Conference in 2014.
- Plan a Project Summit Event in 2014
- Work on developing Project Leader Workshop module that can be given when I am not present.

Subgoal 3: Solidify the Projects Review Process. 

- Develop a pragmatic method of doing project reviews. 
- Test the review process developed at the 2013 Summit
- Finish reviewing the projects that have specifically asked for review.
- Review the Flagship Projects.
- Review the Lab Projects.
- Review the Incubator Projects. 
- Report on the findings and outcomes. 
- Document the system so it can be reproduced. (This will probably be a long document/set of instructions and lessons learned). 

Subgoal 4: Design a more sustainable revenue stream using the Project’s IP. 

- In depth market research to determine niche opportunities.
- Come up with at least 4 different potential opportunities based on research.
- Develop an implementation plan.  

Cheers, Leaders.



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