Monday, March 24, 2014

Google Summer of Code and OWASP

Dear OWASP Members,

As some of you are likely aware, OWASP has partnered with Google Summer of Code (GSoC), to offer Mentor services to their approved applicants, on current OWASP projects. GSoC FAQ blog post (for more reference). We currently have 88 student applicants and only 20 mentors signed-up. As a general rule, Google assigns two mentors to each student, to allow for scheduling flexibility and timing issues.

Last year, we had 11 students based on 22 Mentors through OWASP. This year, we'd like to see that number at least double. Please put out a Call for Mentors to your chapter members. Time is of the essence. The application process has closed and Google is waiting to hear back from us, as to how many mentors we have to offer them.

Dr. Konstantinos Papapanagiotou <> is heading up this project, so if you have members that are of the mind to mentor, please put them directly in contact with him and he can get them set-up with more information and instructions on how to proceed from here.

Cheers and Happy Mentoring!

-= GK Southwick

Community Manager
OWASP Foundation

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