Monday, March 24, 2014

OWASP Community Engagement Funding

OWASP Community Members -

In an effort to simplify and broaden availability of funds for everything from chapter speakers (previously OWASP on the move), OWASP outreach (speaking, merchandise, etc), Projects, and initiatives - we have created general fund buckets for community engagement.

The full program details are listed here:  along with a sampling of possible requests.  If there is a situation you think should be covered not on the list, please just let us know.  I will be working on adding FAQ as well as more examples to the bottom of the page as they come up.

The most important pieces of information is that all funding request must be pre-approved by submitting request to or through our contact us form: We will make every effort to get back to you with in 48 hours. 

For full transparency, we will be tracking payments here:

We hope that this will incentivize those of you to spend money on chapter meetings, projects, and outreach where you maybe thought this wasn't possible before because you didn't have a budget (or know how to request money).

Looking forward to feedback and engagement!

Sarah Baso


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