Thursday, March 6, 2014

OWASP Wins SC Magazine 2014 Editor's Choice Award

On Tuesday, February 25th OWASP was awarded the 2014 SC Magazine Editor’s Choice award. This was the final award of the evening and presented directly from Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC Magazine.

From the 2014 SC Magazine Awards announcement:
For its ongoing support of the development and maintenance of secure web applications, we are calling out the achievements of the OWASP (OpenWeb Application Security Project). Its efforts in offering tools and education materials to developers and other security professionals has greatly aided in furthering the advancement of web application security. The nonprofit group does not endorse or recommend commercial products or services. This enables its open network to remain vendor neutral and synergize the collaborative efforts of the leading lights in software security worldwide. It’s all about trust, and information security professionals have come to rely on the group’s annual Top 10 project– ongoing since 2003 – which delineates the most common flaws present in web apps, thus increasing awareness in the security community of some of the most critical risks facing organizations. As well, the “Bug Bash,” held for three nights in November during the AppSec Conference, is considered one of the biggest application security bug searches in recent time. The event, sponsored by OWASP, gathered security researchers from 30 countries who collaborated to discern security gaps in software that runs the internet and some of the planet’s most commonly used applications. For its advocacy, out reach and teaching, we are delighted to recognize OWASP with this year’s Editor’s Choice Award
As a volunteer driven, non-profit organization our contributors donate their time and expertise for the betterment of all. It is exciting and rewarding for the entire community to be recognized for our continued efforts to increase application security!

Four board members from the OWASP foundation were present to receive the the SC magazine award.
 Eoin Keary, Michael Coates, Tom Brennan, Jim Manico
This award goes out to all of you – the OWASP community. Keep fighting the good fight!


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