Tuesday, June 17, 2014

OWASP Cornucopia Project

The OWASP Cornucopia project has been shortlisted for an award in a competition run by the .UK registrar.

What is the OWASP Cornucopia Project?
OWASP Cornucopia is a mechanism in the form of a card game to assist software development teams identify security requirements in Agile, conventional and formal development processes. It is language, platform and technology agnostic. 

The idea behind Cornucopia is to help development teams, especially those using Agile methodologies, to identify application security requirements and develop security-based user stories. Although the idea had been waiting for enough time to progress it, the final motivation came when SAFECode published its Practical Security Stories and Security Tasks for Agile Development Environments in July 2012. 

Further details on the project's mailing list:


This is quite local (national) publicity, but does increase OWASP's profile, especially within the UK government.

Thank you to all the project's volunteers. Please join the project's mailing list to keep updated with news, to provide feedback, or to help in other ways:


Many thanks to everyone involved and also the project leader, Colin Watson

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