Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Another Staff Update - GK's Last Day

OWASP Leaders -

Our Community Manager, GK Southwick, gave her 2 week notice to OWASP on June 27, 2014.  GK's  last day will be this upcoming Friday, July 11.  

Although GK has only been with us a short time, we appreciate the hard work and dedication she has had in trying to make headway in managing requests for new and existing chapters, starting a revamp of our merchandise request process and ensuring that community members' merchandise requests are answered in a timely fashion, and assisting with volunteer initiatives.

We wish GK best of luck in her future endeavors, including her great contributions to the AppSec community through her involvement with B-Sides Las Vegas and many other industry events.

OWASP will be re-hiring for the community manager position shortly.  Stay tuned for updates on the application process and hiring timeline.

Sarah Baso

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