Tuesday, July 15, 2014

AppSec USA 2014 Offers World-Class Training Sessions

“Something that looks like a protocol but does not accomplish a task is not a protocol—it’s a waste of time.” 
― Bruce Schneier, Applied Cryptography

You won’t want to miss Bruce Scheier’s keynote at the AppSec USA 2014 conference September 16-19 in Denver.  But you also can’t afford to miss AppSec USA’s two full days of training sessions featuring top experts collaborating with you and your peers on the latest application security challenges and industry trends.

Register today for AppSec USA and the training sessions at http://2014.appsecusa.org/

Below are the brief overviews of AppSec USA’s 2014 training sessions. Click the links to learn more about the session and presenters.

Presented by Secure Ideas
The advanced web penetration testing course is designed to be a hands-on course that will expand both internal and external security personnel testing knowledge.

Presented by Blindspot Security LLC
This course is designed to provide attendees with the core concepts required to make informed decisions about what cryptographic primitives and APIs are safest to use in practice. The content will include approximately 50% lecture and 50% labs or other exercises to reinforce the concepts presented.

Presented by Mandiant, a FireEye Company
This course provides a rapid introduction to the tools and methodologies used to perform malware analysis on executables found on Windows systems using a practical, hands-on approach. 

Presented by Tobias Gondrom
Managing and improving your global information security organization; Leverage OWASP and common best practices to improve your security programs and organization; Achieving cost-effective application security; Bringing it all together on the management level.

Presented by Albero Solutions
This course aims at providing all web developers deep hands-on knowledge on the OWASP Top 10 web application vulnerabilities list.

Presented by Recurity Labs
After the training the participants will be able to assess, audit and exploit Ruby on Rails applications. This includes knowledge about the inner workings of the framework itself as well as a set of decent payloads for practical demonstration of vulnerabilities.
Presented by Aspect Security

This hands-on course enables students to understand how easily mobile devices and applications can be attacked. They will learn how to identify, avoid and remediate common vulnerabilities by walking through a threat analysis and learning critical security areas such as those identified in the OWASP Top Ten Mobile Risks and Controls.

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