Thursday, July 31, 2014

Videos from AppSec Europe 2014

At last AppSec Europe, OWASP Media Project with the help of Münster University of Applied Sciences IT Security Lab has put 40 videos online for 70 hours of content. This includes the whole live stream of three tracks each two days of the conference during a YouTube Streaming Event and on an alternate German stream. The week after, we made a playlist of all the 33 individual talk that were recorded.

Now for some stats, covering from June 25th 2014 to July 25th 2014.

We are at 2,074 views and 20,228 of estimated watched minutes.

As for the subscribers, we are at 1,572 and we gained 294 of them during the AppSecEU efforts.

The average view duration is 13:55 minutes. Since we have 6 videos that last more than 6 hour for each track of streaming, that number is a little boosted.

Most of the views comes from the live event. For the record, we had around 60 people watching at peak.

The most popular tracks were:
Security Management & Training Track
940 views 18,050 minutes watched 19:12 avg

Frameworks and Theories Track
427 views 5,917 minutes watched 13:51 avg

Mobile Track
560 views 6,684 minutes watched 11:56 avg

Notables popular videos are:
Simon Bennetts - OWASP ZAP Advanced Features
226 views 1,603 minutes watched 7:05 avg

Hemil Shah - Smart Storage Scanning for Mobile Apps - Attacks and Exploit
159 views 601 minutes watched 3:46 avg

Lorenzo Cavallaro - Keynote - Copper Droid On the Reconstruction of Android Malware Behaviors
500 views 2,547 minutes watched 5:05 avg

Finally, the countries with the top viewership:
United States17%
United Kingdom 16%

We were watched in 84 countries in total. A heat map of view counts enable us to see all locations:

OWASP Media Project has done another big step with this streaming event for a conference. Since last AppSecUSA we also managed to gather at the same place the Global Webinars and the OWASP Community Update. With all this we are now at more than 150 videos with 1,572 subscribers for a total of 63,669 views.

The next step with be AppSecUSA 2014. We'll try to setup live streaming as well as having the recordings for you in a timely fashion.

Thanks to all who contributed and helped with OWASP Media Project!

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