Tuesday, September 2, 2014

5 Reasons to Attend AppSec USA 2014

You heard about the massive cyber attacks on JPMorgan and Dairy Queen that happened recently. Financial giant JPMorgan is now working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to mitigate the hacking of their data, and ice cream maven Dairy Queen is under investigation for suspicious credit card activities. These attacks demonstrate the glaring truth that even the most secure organizations are at risk of experiencing undiscriminating data breaches. Hackers are taking advantage of any flaw in an organizations security and compromising the integrity of businessesinternal systems. If you think your organization is completely protected from cyber security threats, think again.

Its imperative that your organization understands how to protect critical infrastructure and best guard against security breaches. Colorado Representative Jared Polis states that attending AppSec USA, a world-class software security conference for developers, auditors, risk managers, technologists and entrepreneurs, will allow you to take away new tools to enhance software security, which will improve operations of businesses and organizations nationwide. Below are 5 more reasons why should you attend:

1.     As an AppSec USA attendee, youll learn more about software security in sessions led by top industry leaders, including Bruce Schneier of Co3 Systems, Inc. and Gary McGraw of Cigital. AppSecs speakers are international visionaries who will be at the conference to offer their expertise on security topics you need to know.  
2.     Along with attending keynote sessions, you can participate in fun interactive events, like AppSecs extensive Capture the Flag coding and security competition.
3.     Youll get to engage in an all-new, workshop-style Skills Lab track providing instruction and hands-on experience with essential security tools and skills.
4.     OWASP hosts a career fair and sponsor expo at AppSec featuring top companies in the industry. Youll have unique opportunities to network and get hired by the best of the best. 
5.     Youll get to experience Code Brew,a home-brewing contest judged by brewers from some of Colorados top craft breweries. Does any other software security conference offer that? Didnt think so.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper states that Colorado is growing in technology leadership and therefor makes for a great place to hold this years AppSec USA conference [John Hickenlooper letter]. Make sure you do not miss out on this informative and influential event.

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