Monday, November 17, 2014

Chapters, Projects, Taxes and 378,223.12

This week the OWASP Foundation had to file the United States business taxes -- for the last (10) years it has been insightful watching OWASP grow for me

##For your bookmark the transparent details of these legal filings will be posted here shortly:

As a leader however I did however want to draw your attention to  $378,223.12.  Yes, OWASP Chapters around the world have funds of $378,223.12 US ear-marked at HQ OWASP. 

As a chapter leader you can redeem that money anytime with a receipt that follows the OWASP Chapter Handbook

As a global and legal charity I wanted to draw your attention to this. It is very important that chapters (and OWASP Foundation) USE their funds to further the actual mission of OWASP.  As each chapter conducts it's end of year wrap up meetings and 2015 planning, consider your chapters plan to invest in social events/outreach, work with Academia to build the next generation and/or retrain existing workforce, incentive using scholarships on projects, build support invest in maker-spaces, host mini-summits, project code-camps, research, <insert your great idea> its ok to experiment that is how OWASP was built.


Need a FUN idea and current topic for your next chapter meeting?  How about Internet of Things (IoT)

Ask this question: 
 "Since homeowners aren’t experts in technology and security is NOT a Top 10 list, what are the attack surfaces did you think about while watching this video


Then after you have a interactive dialog and captured useful data "edit" the wiki" and help out on this NEW project and important project.  Think of other consumer and medical devices that are being connected to the internet

*Bonus points for this "hack" sellers made $


OWASP brings you Cornucopia. <insert owasp band music>   OWASP Cornucopia is NOW AVAILABLE in 100% OWASP Branded Decks: (give them to your chapter members, give them to your co-workers, play cards in the park)

As a chapter leader you can also spend some of that $378,223.12 and buy some decks (pack of 10)  to hand out at your meetings and regional events.  To get them it is EASY, they can now be requested and charged back to your local chapter.   then consider what other projects can benefit from the local chapter energy. 

In closing, over the last 10 years it has been great to see OWASP grow grow and grow like bamboo, the future is BRIGHT at OWASP locally and globally welcome to the new board members 

Semper Fi,

Tom Brennan
OWASP Foundation | Global Vice Chairman

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