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"The Only Constant is Change" - Editorial by Paul Ritchie, OWASP Executive Director


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Global AppSec Events in 2014

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2016 Call for Proposals


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"The Only Constant is Change" - Editorial by Paul Ritchie, OWASP Executive Director

This quote, commonly attributed to Heraclitus, a Greek Philosopher, sums up my first 5 months experience with OWASP. Our goal on the Operations Team is to support the OWASP community regardless of the hurdles and challenges along the way. 'Did you know' we accomplished the following in support of the OWASP mission.
  • Added Noreen Whysel as Community Manager
  • Hired Event managers for our AppSec & LATAM events
  • Completed a much needed Audit of our Finance & Operating procedures
  • Engaged a new accounting firm, KPMG
  • Engaged an Association Management company, Virtual Management
  • Performed our annual Board of Director Elections
  • Approved the new Committee 2.0 Program for community engagement
  • Updated the Wiki infrastructure
Sure, these all sound like Operations activities, but that's just one of our goals, to ensure the trains run smoothly so YOU, the OWASP Community can carry the message and activities of OWASP forward.
On behalf of the entire Operations team, we look forward to making 2015 an exciting and productive year for OWASP.
Paul Ritchie, OWASP Executive Director
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OWASP Membership

New Corporate Members

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1933 Individual Members

  • 1231 Individual One Year Members
  • 306 Individual Two Year Members
  • 270 Regional One Year Members
  • 66 Honorary Members
  • 60 Lifetime Members
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OWASP Conferences

Global AppSec Events


LATAM Tour 2015

  • Santiago, Chile: April 8-9, 2015
  • Patagonia, Argentina: April 10, 2015
  • Bucaramanga, Colombia: April 14, 2015
  • Montevideo, Uruguay: April 15-16, 2015
  • Lima, Peru: April 17-18, 2015
  • San Jose, Costa Rica: April 21, 2015
  • Guatemala, Guatemala: April 21-22, 2015
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: April 23-24, 2015
  • Caracas, Venezuela: April 23-24, 2015
    Additional Information
  • Call for Papers AND Training are now open. Submission deadline February 15, 2015
  • Sponsorship Opportunities are Available

AppSec EU/Research 2015 (May 18 - 21, 2015, Amsterdam, NL)

Do you have an important advancement or opinion on application security?
Looking for your 45 minutes of fame?
Then you should definitely submit a proposal for papers or research!
Call for papers. Submission deadline is January 15, 2015
Call For research. Submission deadline is January 20, 2015
Please check the respective calls for prerequisites and submission instructions.
USA 2015 AppSec USA 2015 (September 22 - 25, 2015, San Francisco, CA)

Upcoming Local and Regional Events

AppSec California 2015 (January 26-29, 2015, Santa Monica, CA)
OWASP London Cyber Security Week (January 26-30, 2015, London, UK)
OWASP New Zeland Day (February 26-27, 2015, New Zeland)
NYC OWASP HACKNYC 2015 (March 18 - 19, 2015, NYC, NY)
LASCON 2015 (October 19 - 22, 2015, Austin, TX)
AppSec Rio de la Plata 2015 (November 17-20, 2015, Montevideo, Uruguay)

Partner and Promotional Events

ICCS (January 5 - 8, 2015) New York, NY
CodeMash Conference (January 6 - 9, 2015) Sandusky, OH
SecAppDev 2015 (February 23-27, 2015) Lueven, Belgium
SC Congress London (March 3, 2015) London, UK
Financial Services Cyber Security Summit Middle East & North Africa (March 9-10, 2015) Mena, Dubai
BlackHat Asia 2015 (March 24027, 2015) Singapore
Cyber Security Summit Europe - Financial Sector (April 14-15, 2015) Prague, Czech Republic
Cloud Security World 2015 (May 19-21, 2015) New Orleans, LA
SC Congress Toronto (June 10 - 12, 2015) Toronto, Canada

2016 Call for Proposals

OWASP encourages any community member interested in hosting an OWASP Global Conference to submit a proposal.
Hosting a conference requires both a commitment and a great deal of responsibility. A lot of time, energy and effort are needed during the proposing, planning and implementing phases of hosting a conference. For more information see the How to Host a Conference page.
The dates of each OWASP Global AppSec conference (or Tour) vary somewhat each year but ideally, the conference is held:
  • Latin America (this may be a LATAM Tour instead - Q1)
  • Europe - Q2
  • North America - Q3
  • Asia Pacific (this may be an APAC Tour instead)
To bid for a 2016 OWASP Global AppSec, please complete the OCMS form with the following information before February 27th, 2015.
  1. The proposed city and host chapter.
  2. The name of the intended local organizer and his/her team committed to the task for 2016 along with a brief explanation on why the conference committee wants to organize an OWASP Global AppSec.
  3. Previous conferences or local/regional events experience of the conference committee.
  4. The intended dates for the conference. (Typically includes 2 days of pre-conference training, followed by 2 days of conference talks).
  5. Venue recommendations. If possible, assurance that the following will be available:
    • Green room, storage room, breakout room, capture the flag area, etc.
    • A large auditorium. Other lecture rooms near the main auditorium.
    • Projection facilities in all rooms up to modern standards.
    • A suitable mixing space near the rooms for registration, breaks and other activities.
    • A hall near the rooms for sponsor exhibitions.
    • If possible, attach a tentative floor plan design.
  6. Budget. Please use the form on google docs HERE. (Since many of the categories of expenses are optional, consider this a check list. You can add as many items as you want and you do not need to fill in every box if you do not want it to be included in your event.)
  7. Possible "big name" speakers in AppSec who might be plenary speakers with low travel costs.
  8. Description of the nearby restaurants and accommodation facilities easily accessible from the conference site and reasonably priced.
  9. Anticipated help from volunteers before and at the conference.
  10. Realistic prospects for obtaining sponsorship from outside bodies, e.g., companies, universities, scientific institutes, media, government, etc.
  11. Accessible transport links to the venue.
  12. Local tourist attractions, e.g., historic sites, museums, buildings, galleries, parks, etc.
  13. Any other relevant information.
By submitting an application, you are already demonstrating your commitment to OWASP. We really appreciate every proposal we receive, however not every proposal will be approved. The selection process that will be made by the OWASP operations team with input from previous AppSec organizing teams. Please note that proposal completeness and accuracy are essential, moreover:
  • Preference will be given to the community that demonstrates more engagement.
  • Preference will be given to the team that has successful experience organizing local/regional events.
  • Preference will be given to a location that has not recently hosted a Global AppSec conference.
  • Geographic coverage will be considered when selecting conference sites.
Application submission begins January 1st. The deadline for applications is February 27th. Applicants will be notifiec by March 13th. Selected sites will have until March 20th to confirm that they will host the 2016 conference.
Should you have any questions concerning the proposal process or need assistance with you application, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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OWASP Chapters

New Chapters

OWASP Madrid - created by several members of the OWASP Spain Chapter. Chapter Leader - Daniel Garcia
OWASP Myanmar - inaugural meeting was held November 30, 2014. Chapter Leader - Ye Thura Thet

Chapter Activity

OWASP Manila - hosts an event in Bulacan State Univerity to promote Cyber Security Awareness and the OWASP Top 10 Chapter Leader - John Patrick Lita Find Manila on Twitter @owaspManila
manila students
OWASP New Jersey sponsored New Jersey Institute of Technology's Capstone Showcase. During the event, chapter members mentored a student team in developing a software security project, and then participated on a judging panel to evaluate projects and give awards. New Jersey Chapter Leader - Tom Brennan.
Share your chapter's successes! Submit your stories here
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OWASP Education and Training

Upcoming Training Opportunities

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Social Media
OWASP Foundation Social Media
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