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OWASP Community Manager News Flash – February 2015

OWASP Community Manager News Flash #2 – February 2015

Latest News – Updated Branding Guidelines

Whats New?We have completed a review of the Branding Guidelines and posted updates to the wiki and a new downloadable PDF. The main changes were to include clear links to downloadable content, including information about file type and size and to add some clarification to identity customizations. Some of the downloadable content, particularly brochures, did not include the high-resolution version of the download, and some of this content needs to be updated. We have located and provided links to this content where possible and are working on updated versions of some materials. Keep your eye out for those.

Can I Customize the OWASP logo for my Chapter or Project?We also added an OWASP brand use case for events and conferences, which had not been included previously. In addition, we have expanded information regarding “allowable customization” of the OWASP logo for event promotion, chapter pages and social media. While the original marketing recommendations strictly limited customization to changes in color, many current customizations, including the addition of a country flag in the background and similar modifications add personality and local color to the chapter and project identity without obscuring the overall OWASP brand.

Here are examples of some customizations we liked:

Inline image 1Chapter: OWASP Atlanta
Inline image 2Chapter: OWASP Argentina
Inline image 3Events: AppSecUSA

We aren't going to post examples that don’t meet guidelines, but do ask that each chapter and project review their current social media avatars and wiki page logos and make an honest evaluation of whether your images meet the guidelines.

Please read these new branding rules carefully, and let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or questions.

OWASP On the Move - Recent Chapter Activity

Congratulations to John Patrick Lita and the OWASP Manilla Chapter. Manila hosted 900 attendees at Bulacan State University and is planning a workshop for 60 students and faculty members in March. Manila’s school tour continues on February 27 with San Sebastian College in Ca vite City. John Patrick was recently invited by DZIQ 990AM Radyo Inquirer to discuss how @OWASP can help the Philippine Government promote awareness about cyber security.

OWASP Lucknow reported hosting the biggest OWASP / DEFCON Security Meet ever held in India successfully with a record 379 Attendees! Congrats!
New Chapter OWASP Brooklyn launched on February 3rd at a maker lab in Williamsburg. Their next event will be held on Saturday, February 28th at NYU Poly and will feature Technology Transfer: Creating Cultures of Innovation. Speakers from USCENTCOM innovation office.

OWASP Cluj, another new chapter in Romania, launched on January 29 with over 100 in attendance and many interested in contributing further!

New Chapters

This month, we launched new chapters in Dehradun and Jaipur, India, Sharjah, UAE, and Sheffield, UK, as well as a student chapter in Busan, South Korea. For information or to join these communities, please visit their chapter wiki pages:

TIP: Add Your Meetings to the OWASP Event Calendar

We have noticed that the OWASP Event Calendar has been pretty quiet. Please be sure to post your events to this calendar so all can see what is going on. Visit All leaders should have a shared copy available. Just click the checkbox next to “OWASP Event Calendar” under “My Calendars” in the left column. Let me know if you are having trouble adding it to your Google Calendar.

Academic Supporters

Universities are wonderful resources for local chapters. Our Academic Supporter program allows universities to support OWASP by providing space for chapters to meet and promotion and development of OWASP education materials. If you have connections with local universities and faculty members in your area, reach out to them and encourage them to join OWASP as an Academic Supporter.

We have launched a new Academic Supporter application process. The application form is now available online at Do let your local universities know that this opportunity exists.

2015 Strategic Goals

Thanks to all who participated in our 2015 Strategic Goals Survey. We are tabulating responses and will continue that discussion soon. Stay tuned!

Other Resources

Academic Supporter Information and Application (application)

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have a question or suggestion. To create a trackable case, please use the contact us form at

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