Friday, September 16, 2016

Interview with the Board Candidates Pts 1&2 of 4 ETA: All four parts are now available.

Every year as part of the OWASP Board of Directors election OWASP holds a call for questions from the community.  The top four questions are then selected to be recorded in individual interviews on the OWASP Podcast to give members insight into the candidate's priorities and philosophies.  This year the most requested questions were:
1. What kind of action plan do you have in mind to help motivate the participation of Developers into OWASP community?
2. What would you do to improve OWASP's image regarding vendor neutrality?
3. What has been the greatest accomplishment of OWASP Foundation and what is its biggest failure?
4. What is more important to you as a candidate 1) Members 2) Projects 3) Conferences 4) Chapters and why?
Each episode of the podcast will be released on our Soundcloud account and then linked on the elections page.  Parts one and two are available now, as are the can candidates' biographies and statements of intent.

Don't forget that only paid and honorary members can vote, so join before September 30, 2015!

Edited to add Parts three and four.

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