Thursday, November 24, 2016

Opportunities to Present at OWASP AppSec Europe

AppSec Europe seeks to bring together developers and security professionals at all points in their careers to be the thriving global community that drives visibility and evolution in the safety and security of the world’s software.  We understand that robust security requires diversity of thought and practitioners.  We also know that a conference that meets the needs of our community must provide a buffet of learning and teaching experiences.  We are currently seeking submissions for the following in conference events:

  • Arsenal: Do you have an opensource tool to share with the world?  The AppSec Arsenal is the place to stand out from the crowd and demo your open source tool to potential users and collaborators. Successful applicants will have grown beyond proof of concept and represent a range of tools from the well known, to the newly established; the point-solution to the broad.  Watch for submission updates.

  • Lightning Training:  Important training comes in all sizes.  Our Lightning training sessions are the perfect 1-2 hour training on the go.  Your Lightning training session will be free to the public and can be in lecture or hands on mode. This a great place teach a concept swiftly, or allow new trainers to get experience. Apply for your Lightning training now!

  • Lightning Talks: Simplicity is beautiful and provocative ideas don't necessarily take an hour to express. Lighting Talks are the place to share everything from exciting vulnerabilities, to humorous lessons learned, to new ways of securing an application in 10-15 minuets.  Share your idea on the OWASP stage!

  • Activities: Conferences aren't all talk, sometimes you just need to DO! So whether it’s a Capture the Flag event, an Escape room, lock picking demonstrations or something else we want to facilitate your Activity. Preference given to those activities with a with a more security focused theme.  You can submit your Activity for May 11/12 here.

Pre-Conference Training:  AppSec Europe hosts paid single and multi-day training on the days leading up to the conference. Hands on training is strongly preferred to read more about our Training guidelines please read this previous blog post.

Deadline for proposals:  January 2, 2017
Notification to trainers: January 23, 2017
Training: May 8, 9, 10

Present at our Conference:  The deadline for presenting at our conference is coming up! We are looking for “the next”, cutting edge research in the context of web applications, secure development, security management and privacy. Academic researchers and industry practitioners have the opportunity to share their latest findings with the rest of the community, including coverage via our media channels. We will consider particularly good presentations that have been submitted elsewhere. 

Submission deadline: January 9th, 2017
Notification of acceptance: February 6th, 2017
Conference days: May 11th – 12th 2017

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