Thursday, December 15, 2016

OWASP Project Review December 2016

OWASP is excited to announce that the following OWASP Projects have been submitted for review to graduate to the next level. All projects undergo evaluation to graduate from Incubator to Lab to Flagship status. Project reviews are done by request or flagged during each project's annual health check. The evaluation is based on defined criteria which attempt to gauge the project's quality, health (activeness), and stage within our incubator to lab to flagship continuum.

The review consists of an initial assessment done by the project leader and reviewed by Matt Tesauro which is then passed on to the volunteers in our OWASP Project Leaders for a peer review to finalize the results. Please follow the links for each review and fill out a feedback form for each of the OWASP Projects by December 26th.

We are looking for your feedback and look forward to your comments. You can find more information on Project Reviews here.

Incubator to Lab Status Project Review Report
Project Leader:  Glenn ten Cate
Please provide feedback here.

Lab to Flagship Status
Project Name: OWASP Security Shepherd
Project Leader:  Mark Denihan
Project Web Page:

Please provide feedback here

Project Name: OWASP Seraphimdroid
Project Leaders: Nikola Milosevic, Kartik Kholi
Please provide feedback here.

Incubator to Lab Status Project Review Report

Project Name: OWASP Security Logging Project

Project Leader:  Sytze van Koningsveld

Please provide feedback here.

If you have any questions please use our contact us form.

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