Monday, January 23, 2017

OWASP is Once Again Participating in the Google Summer of Code Program

It is that time of year again!  OWASP will participate in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC).  We love that GSoC is a great vehicle to introduce students to both open source projects and application security with real, hands on projects. Through GSoC students will apply to work with you on your project.  Once an OWASP Mentor has "hired" a student, the mentor will guide them through coding tasks they set to improve their OWASP Project.  Both the project and the student will receive a small grant to compensate for their time, but Leaders tend to love spending time working with students who are able to focus on their project for three months most.  

The program is completed entirely online and students and mentors from more than 100 countries have participated in past years. Students who have worked with OWASP often become long term volunteers and Project Leaders in their own rights!

How you can get involved:
If you are a project leader and would like for your project to participate add your idea on our GSOC 2017 Idea wiki page ASAP!  The deadline to be involved is Feb 6th.

Become a Mentor: 
Do you want to become a mentor for a student?
Choose a participating OWASP project from the wiki page, preferably the one you are most familiar with.

Touch base with the project leader and ask one of the OWASP Organizational Administrators (Konstantinos Papapanagiotou, Claudia Aviles Casanovas, & Fabio Cerullo) to send you an invitation to get started today.

Help OWASP Invite Students: 
Are you somehow affiliated with a university? Get in touch with students, inform them about the program and how they can participate with OWASP.  Please direct students to the wiki page for details:

If you need help or supporting material you can email one of the admins.

 Let's make this OWASP-GSoC event the best ever and a success!