Wednesday, August 9, 2017

OWASP Board of Directors Candidates and Questions

The OWASP Board of Directors are seven hardworking volunteers elected to direct the financial and outreach goals of the organization.  As a group the board members self organize into positions and guide the organization by defining our strategic goals.  You can follow the election on the Board of Directors Election wiki page.

This year we have seven candidates running for the four open board positions.  You can click on their names to read their bios and statements of purpose :

Additionally, during this time we request that our members submit questions to be asked of our candidates for the board during an interview that will be recorded and shared prior to the election.  The following are the winning questions from our community.

1. How do you make sure that the board's decisions won't be influenced by any personal favors or corruption?
2. OWASP does not have a great reputation internationally due what most people call "Politics", how do you intend to solve the "Politics" problem?
3. How do you intend to address bullying within OWASP? If someone is a repeat offender, will you enforce rules to expel or suspend offending parties?
4. How do you intend to empower the Compliance Committee? Currently all it has the power to do is mediate or make suggestions, it needs more than that.
5. What accomplishments related to OWASP Foundation's mission have you demonstrated in the last (5) years?
6. What kind of action plan do you have in mind to help motivate the participation of Developers into OWASP community?
7. What is your strategy to keep chapters active and motivated with OWASP and keep having meetings and organize local events?

Don’t forget that you must be a member by September 30th to vote for the OWASP Board of Directors.  Get your Membership Today!

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