Thursday, August 10, 2017

OWASP World Tour

This year the strategic goal of OWASP is to raise awareness and spread application security knowledge world-wide by hosting a training world tour.  The 2017 world tour will have three, free mass application security training events.  Each one-day AppSec training course will teach 500 developers, software testers and entry level application security professionals core security topics. 

Our goal is that each training will combine general security principles such as the principle of least privilege, using secure defaults, reducing attack surface with AppSec specific topics such as parameterized queries to prevent SQLi and input validation and encoding.  We are also interested in teaching how OWASP Projects can assist in developing secure software. 

As part of the OWASP World Tour we are inviting all professional trainers to apply to the Call for Training for your opportunity to train in Tokyo, Boston, or Tel Aviv.  Training will close in this month, so apply today!  

If you are interested or know someone who is interested in attending the OWASP World Tour near you, please keep an eye on the OWASP Blog or OWASP World Tour Wiki Page for registration.  

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