Tuesday, September 19, 2017

OWASP Operations Update for September 2017

Welcome to the operations update for September 2017, the ongoing series of updates on what's happening at the OWASP Foundation.  Last month's post is available here.

We're in the middle of AppSec USA 2017 so this update will likely be a bit shorter then the usual.

OWASP IT Infrastructure Hosting - Modernizing and migrating the OWASP infrastructure

  • Remaining hosts at Rackspace:  OWASP Wiki, Mailman server, Virtual-host server which provides redirects and static content
    • These are on hold until staff is back to full strength
  • For the current status details, see the June 2017 update.
The Website Reboot - aka TWR - a major effort to update and modernize OWASP's web presence
  • Phase 1 is complete
    • Note: Due to the staff availability, the wiki is running the legacy LTS release not the latest stable so Phase 1 will need to be repeated in future when this comes off hold.
  • Phase 2, 3 and 4 are in process
  • These are on hold until staff is back to full strength
  • For the current status details, see the June 2017 update.
The OWASP Communication Plan 
  • Discourse as a replacement for Mailman
    • On a significantly reduced roll-out plan until staff is back to full strength.
    • The roll out plan is here.
  • Beta program for the Foundation's Global Meetup account continues
OWASP World Tour 
  • Call for Trainers completed
    • Trainers selected for Tokyo, acceptance emails sent
    • Reviews ongoing for Boston & Tel Aviv
  • Tokyo - September 13 - Training will be broadcast to multiple locations within Japan
  • Boston - October 9 - Reviewers in place, flyers and local marketing in progress
  • Tel Aviv - October 17 - Reviews in place, training will be the day before a free AppSec conference
  • Project Summit & Project Reviews at AppSec USA 2017
    • 8 OWASP Projects Participating
    • 2 OWASP Project Reviews Scheduled
    • 10-20 Deep Dive on Labs/Incubator Health Checks
    • Hot Topics at this event
      • New reimbursement form and process
      • Discourse
      • Kickstarter Pilot Program
  • OWASP Code Sprint 2017 - Final evaluations due by September 14th
    • Blog post of Final Results will be posted by September 22nd
    • Raffle of AppSec Ticket with funding initiative will be done on September 25th
    • 14 originally students participated
    • 8 OWASP Projects
    • 2 Students may not have met expectations will confirm on September 15th
  • AppSec USA 2017
    • Registration (09/13/2017): 668 attendees
    • Open Sponsorships: 1 Diamond, 3 Silver, 24 a la carte
    • Accommodations room block: Sold out
    • Volunteer slots still need to be filled as of 09/13/2017
  • AppSec EU 2018
    • CFP & CFT will open during AppSec USA 2017
    • Registration is not open yet - delayed due to researching VAT requirements for Isreal
    • Website is up and being updated
    • Working on the sponsorship document
  • AppSec USA 2018
    • Nobody submitted a proposal before the deadline (end of February)
    • Still waiting for the Board to decide whether AppSec USA will have a fixed location alternating between East/West coast every other year
  • OWASP Summit 2018
    • Waiting on the board to decide on the event, its funding and staff involvement.
  • Many regional events - details here.
  • Individual Membership
    • 2309 Individual Members / $69,335 (63% of yearly goal)
  • Corporate Membership
    • 48 Corporate Members / $193,500 (48% of yearly goal)
  • 2017 WASPY Awards 
    • Awards ordered and received
    • Awards presenters confirmed
    • Coordinated attendance of winners
    • Ceremony slides created and shared with presenters
    • Preparing for award ceremony at AppSec USA 2017
  • 2017 Global Board of Directors Elections
    • Group interviews scheduled, conducted, and completed
    • Recordings to be posted to the wiki on Monday, September 18
  • AppSec USA 2017 Expo Sponsorships
    • 9 Platinum sold (1 remaining)
    • 12 Gold sold (sold out)
    • 18 Silver sold (3 remaining)
  • Developer Summit at AppSec USA 2017
    • 3 trainers confirmed
    • 48 individuals signed up (as of 09/14/2017)
  • Members Lounge @ AppSec USA 2017
    • Merchandise ordered
    • Furniture rented
    • Food/Beverages ordered
    • Coordinated room setup with venue
As always, the OWASP Staff are here to make the OWASP community even stronger.  If you have a question, concern or need something, please let us know using the 'Contact Us' form.  Also, feel free to attend, suggest or otherwise engage with the OWASP Foundation further at the September 19th Board Meeting.

Your friendly remaining neighborhood OWASP staff:
    Kelly, Laura, Claudia, Tiffany, Dawn and Matt


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