Monday, February 4, 2019

An Update from the Global Board of Directors

Hi all,

Happy new year. With the new year comes a new OWASP Global Board of Directors (BoD). At the January board meeting, the board voted for its roles for the upcoming year. They are;
  • Chair - Martin Knobloch 
  • Vice-Chair - Owen Pendlebury 
  • Treasurer - Sherif Mansour 
  • Secretary - Ofer Maor 
  • Member at large - Gary Robinson 
  • Member at large - Richard Greenberg 
  • Member at large - Chenxi Wang 
We as a Board and as members of the OWASP community would like to thank our previous Board members Matt Konda and Andrew Van Der Stock who have stepped down, for their efforts over the last number of years within the Foundation and for the community.

Additionally, at this meeting we discussed a number of initiatives that form the Foundations strategy and what our goals should be for the coming year(s). This included:


We believe that the foundation needs to achieve a level of stability and with that stability we can work together with the community to achieve the following goals;

  • Marketing the OWASP brand 
  • Provide increased Membership benefits 
  • Increase developer outreach 
  • Focus on Projects and help them grow 
  • Improve the Foundations finances 
  • Improve the Foundations perception within the community 
  • Improve processes within the foundation 
  • Create staff stability and ensure a consistent Executive Director 
  • Empower the community, especially through the formation of committees, under the Committee 2.0 operating model 

Committee Creation

As you may be aware, the OWASP BoD on December 19th, voted and approved amendments to the Committee 2.0 operational model. At a recent board meeting we discussed that in order to drive the Foundation’s core strategic goals, the most crucial committees that are key to the future of the Foundation are:
  • Projects 
  • Chapters 
  • Marketing 
To that end, the Board would like to invite members from the community to submit proposals under the Committee 2.0 structure (linked below) for these committees.

The OWASP Global Committees empower members of the community to help shape OWASP and make the best decisions for the Foundation. The goal of the Global Committees 2.0 plan is to streamline the process for any member of the OWASP community who has an idea to improve the Foundation, to have a vehicle to act upon the idea and successfully implement it. More information about the updated Committee 2.0 operational model can be found here:
In the past, the following committees were in operation ( We hope you will join in and help us.

Conference Naming Convention

At the July Board meeting 2018 the board voted on hosting three conferences in 2019. With the addition of the third conference we wanted to also not tie the conference to one particular region. With that, the naming convention of future global conferences will move from the traditional naming convention AppSec-Eu / AppSec-US and will now take the form of Global AppSec-<City>.

In line with this change we would like to announce that the three conferences in 2019 will be Global AppSec-Tel Aviv(May, 2019, Global AppSec-Amsterdam (September, 2019) and Global AppSec-Washington DC (October, 2019).

We look forward to serving the community and wish you the best for the upcoming year.

On behalf of the OWASP Global Board of Directors
Owen Pendlebury

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