Friday, March 9, 2012

OWASP Mission and Principles

Recent events in the media have mentioned the OWASP organization and I'd like to use this opportunity to provide background on OWASP and also highlight our mission and guiding principles

First and foremost, OWASP is a worldwide non-profit organization with the mission of increasing application security by providing free and open tools, knowledge, and a thriving global community. With the exception of our talented four-person operations team, we are driven entirely by volunteers from project contributors, chapter leaders, and even the board.

Since OWASP is an open source, grass roots movement, any individual is able to contribute resources or participate in the community.  Like other open source projects, individuals from all over the world will donate code, documentation or expertise. Similarly, this organization does not perform background checks or submit participants to invasive reviews in order to participate in the community. This is standard practice for open organizations.

OWASP is driven and align all of our activities around the mission, core values, code of ethics, and our core principles.

The OWASP community consists of over ten thousand individuals on our mailing lists, 1500 members organized into 200+ volunteer led chapters around the world, volunteer chapter leaders, multiple global committees and an elected board. OWASP fosters a thriving community of open source projects and coordinates annual security conferences on nearly every major continent and a variety of regional outreach and university events.

OWASP is a force for good and believes strongly in our mission and values. We do not support projects or activates that are counter to these views, goals or ethics.

Michael Coates
Chair of OWASP Board


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