Tuesday, April 15, 2014

OWASP iGoat Project: New release!

Some big news coming out of the OWASP iGoat Project! First, the OWASP iGoat Project has just released version 2.1, with the new release providing support for iOS 7.1. The newest features with the 2.1 version are:

  • The overall look and feel has been updated to comply with iOS 7.x requirements, with the default target now being iOS 7.1, although 7.0 and 7.x should work too.
  • The latest version of OpenSSL for building SQLcipher in the Local Data Storage lesson.
  • Several NSInterger fields have been updated so they work properly on 64- and 32-bit builds.
  • Updates to a couple of deprecated methods to the new 7.x replacement.

OWASP iGoat app continues to only be distributed as a self-contained Xcode project in source code. To run iGoat, you will need Xcode, which is free from Apple. You can run it for free on the iPhone Simulator included with Xcode, or install it on your iOS device, but the latter requires you to register and pay (USD$99/year) to be an Apple iOS Developer.

To go along with the new release, OWASP iGoat has also announced their new lead developer, Jonathan Carter. Along with the new lead developer, the prospect of new iGoat lessons is eminent. Volunteers are always encouraged to develop their own lessons and donate them to the iGoat Project.

The newest version of iGoat can be found here: https://code.google.com/p/owasp-igoat/wiki/NewDownloads?tm=2 and information about creating an iGoat lesson can be found here:https://code.google.com/p/owasp-igoat/w/list.

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