Friday, May 2, 2014

OWASP Projects: Program Models

Hello Leaders,

After many discussions over the current OWASP Project Program model, the Board of Directors have agreed to change the direction of OWASP Projects. We would like to give the community an opportunity to voice their opinion, and help us decide how to move projects forward. 

We want leaders to comment and debate various project program models to help us better serve you, the OWASP community. 

More Information 

The OWASP Projects Program is one of our most visible endeavors. We have over 200 project leaders and even more contributors spread across all of the projects in our inventory. It was determined, after a long discussion, that the current program model requires too many resources to manage efficiently and effectively. After debating over different approaches, we decided to consolidate 3 main ideas and structure them into models to get the conversation started. Of course, each of these models have their own positives and negatives. 
For OWASP to scale and grow we need to pick an approach and document it. This way the community can communicate their proposed direction for projects, and everyone will be able to understand what the focus is for OWASP Projects once a consensus has been reached. 

Action for the Community

We would like the OWASP community to cast a vote for the model they believe is best for OWASP. Before we vote on the issue, we also want our community to help identify considerations for each model. What are the positives and negatives? Is there another approach that we should consider? Is there something we are not considering?

The 3 models are listed here in the wiki:

Please update and add additional considerations. Please don't remove existing text. Instead use the comment section at the bottom to explain areas you may disagree with.

Thank you, OWASP Community!


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