Monday, February 6, 2017

OWASP Project Releases

New Release 2/6/17
  • Change Session to no longer call/use ExtensionActiveScan.
  • Change ActiveScanController to obtain the excluded URLs (session and global) instead of having the Session to set them.
  • Change ExtensionActiveScan to allow to set a list of excluded URLs and to not change running active scans, normalizing the behavior with the normal spider.

New Release 1/19/2017 Latest Release Version 1.1.4

Code Pulse 1.1.4 brings along updates to the distributed stack:
  • ASM has been updated to version 5.1 - this enables Java 8 tracing support
  • Java, Jetty, and NW.js have been updated to the latest versions
  • Dependency-Check has been updated to the latest version

New Release 1/30/2017 Latest Release Version v2.21.2

  • The name field of all challenges was changed to a more human- and CTF-friendly form (see #264)

OWASP Off  The Record 4 Java

OWASP Foundation would like to welcome Project Leader Jigar Joshi !

Type of Project: Code Project
Brief Description:
Privacy is daily reality for many internet users. Eavesdropping user's content and using it for various reason is not desired by many of the application users. Putting trust on communication channel, service provider or government not to intercept your content is not a good idea.
OTR framework solves this problem by cryptographically processing the users content in transit and at rest. No eavesdropper can read the content, not even the service provider.

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